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"To understand
a company,
it's important to know
what they value."

About Us

Headquartered in Willow Grove, PA, Contact America is a dynamic, full capabilities call center outsourcing company specializing in inbound, outbound and e-commerce telemarketing, customer service, and customer relationship management.

Contact America maintains a state-of-the-art computer integrated telephony system to serve a wide range of corporate, customer service, and e-commerce clients.

Over the last 13 years, we have successfully managed our growth without sacrificing quality or attention to detail. As a result, Contact America’s business has grown exponentially and has a reputation for providing the highest quality service in the industry. In fact, Call Center Solutions Magazine awarded Contact America the Call Center Solutions MVP Award, for providing high quality and impeccable service.

Contact America is a wholly owned division of AnswerNet, a premier national provider of 24/7 call center services and contact center solutions. As a division of AnswerNet, Contact America is part of a robust network of 25-plus call centers across the United States and Canada supplying inbound, outbound, email and call center outsourcing services for all types of businesses, organizations, and industries.

Our Mission

To understand a company, it's important to know what they value. Perhaps the easiest way to convey what is important to Contact America is to share the "Mission" section from our employee handbook.

MISSION: "To be the best customer contact center company in America."

How we define the best:

Starts with the best management…
Superior management is our most important competitive advantage. Each of Contact America’s departments is the best in the industry. Many of our managers have been with us since we opened our doors.

Run efficient campaigns…
Contact America prides itself on our efficient process flow. We begin projects on time, achieve our goals, avoid IS complications, and provide the highest quality resulting in profitable campaigns that optimize client satisfaction and return on investment.

Outstanding customer service…

We provide our clients with control, flexibility, quality, dependability, stability, and commitment, as well as technical, business, and product knowledge.

We continually aim to improve the results we deliver our clients by reviewing and analyzing data collected throughout the project. This may include live monitoring, ongoing training and script revisions as needed.

We provide the flexibility our clients need when developing and managing a project and continuously look for ways to improve the information we produce.


Our business is built on reputation, repeat business, customer retention and customer referrals.

We know from experience that quality, professionalism, and high ethical standards are essential to client and customer satisfaction.

We establish a climate of mutual respect from day one. We follow through with our commitments and have frequent and clear communication with our clients.

We are a Sales and Service Organization…

We are judged by how well we perform. We believe we are the highest quality sales and service organization in the industry.

Our objective is to save you money, which makes you money.

We are extremely proud of our long-term client relationships, in fact our very first client of 14 years is still with us.

To learn more about Contact America / AnswerNet and our call center services, please Contact Us.

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