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" if the call
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down the hall"

When companies focus on their core competencies and lowering costs, a common consideration is to outsource inbound call volume to a call center.

Often the main concern in call center outsourcing is losing control of the reins. Control is lost through poor communication and loss of timely information.

That is why Contact America developed "Insourcing". "Insourcing" is designed to give you as much information as you need to oversee your customer relationships as if the call center was just down the hall.

Features of "Insourcing":

  • Dedicated team including a Client Service Manager, Project Manager and Senior Supervisor
  • Real time reporting
  • Anytime monitoring, supervised or blind
  • Cameras that allow you to view the floor of the call center or the CSR that you are monitoring via your computer
  • The ability to communicate directly to CSRs via chat while monitoring
  • Full access to all staff and all data all the time
  • INSOURCING takes the risk out of transitions or startups

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