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Outbound Telemarketing

Contact America specializes in outbound telemarketing projects because we are first and foremost a service organization with a focus on client acquisition and retention. We provide our clients with sales, up-sell, and cross-sell techniques that will meet and exceed even their most aggressive sales and retention objectives.

Finding an outbound telemarketing center that specializes in sales is a difficult task. Effective telemarketing sales require a combination of strategy, technical support, implementation, and sales culture to produce profitable results. Contact America's call centers can provide your business with a high quality, well trained sales team rarely found in outbound telemarketing centers. In addition to our many sales and service features, Contact America's staff is highly skilled at offering "up-sell" and "cross-sell", while still providing your customers with the high quality service that they expect.

Contact America knows how important it is for an outbound telemarketing call center to provide a positive experience for our client's customers. We understand that we are an extension of their company and ensure that our agents are selling their products as if they were our own.

Our efficient project management and process flow allows Contact America to begin projects on time, meet goals, avoid IS complications, and complete projects in the designated time frame, resulting in profitable outbound telemarketing campaigns and optimum client satisfaction.

Below are some of the features we provide with each outbound telemarketing project.

Features of Outbound Telemarketing:

  • Dedicated Outbound Telemarketing team including a Client Services Manager, Project Manager and Senior Supervisor
  • Real-time reporting of outbound telemarketing services
  • Anytime monitoring, supervised or blind
  • The ability to communicate directly to CSRs via chat while monitoring outbound telemarketing activities
  • Full access to all Outbound Telemarketing staff and all data at all times
  • State-of-the-art equipment, technology, and software
  • Sophisticated technical programming, CRM, data warehousing for outbound telemarketing projects

If you'd like to know more about our outbound telemarketing services, please Contact Us.

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